Baclofen Pumps for Spasticity Treatment

Baclofen pumps are small machines surgically implanted in children’s abdomens to regularly administer a drug known as baclofen, which reduces the severity of cerebral palsy-related spasticity. This drug, which is pumped directly into the spinal cord, tells spastic muscles to relax. As a result, a child with cerebral palsy may regain control over certain muscles and enjoy an improved range of motion.

Important Information About Baclofen Pumps

A baclofen pump can offer significant motor control improvements for children suffering from spasticity. However, there are some possible complications associated with these machines. Before proceeding with this treatment option, parents should consider the following facts about baclofen pumps:

  • Children will require regular follow-up treatments to refill the pump
  • The pump may need to be replaced in 6-7 years
  • Baclofen can lead to side effects including constipation and nausea
  • Children with baclofen pumps should carry their identification cards at all times in case of emergency medical needs
  • Children may need weeks to recover from the surgical procedure necessary to install the device

Baclofen pumps are computer-controlled, meaning that any over- or under-dosage problems should be immediately reported to a medical care provider, as he or she may need to make quick adjustments to the machine’s delivery system.

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