Benefits of Physical Therapy

Nearly eighty percent of all cerebral palsy (CP) cases are classified as spastic, which refers to damage in the brain that impairs nerve receptors in the spine, causing hypertonia in muscles. A person afflicted with spastic CP develops muscles that are inflexible and tense. While there are no cures for this, there are, fortunately, other options, such as various physical therapies, that can help manage muscle stress and pain.

If another person’s negligence caused your child to develop CP, you may be able to hold that individual liable for your child’s medical expenses and other costs. Contact a cerebral palsy lawyer of The Driscoll Firm today at (800) 900-7704 to see what our dedicated staff may be able to do for you.

Physical Therapy

Muscles that behave improperly due to unresponsive nerve receptors will cause secondary complications ranging from severely limiting a person’s movement to warping skeletal growth. A few of ways in which an individual with CP can combat such effects include:

  • Physiotherapy – helps a patient, through continued practice, to maintain muscle tone, bone structure, and flexibility
  • Speech therapy – teaches control over facial muscles and those in the mouth, with an emphasis on improving communication ability
  • Massage therapy – for muscle strength, relaxing tense muscles, and joint flexibility

When programs such as these are implemented early, and with regularity, they may reduce the need for invasive procedures that can be both costly and painful.

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Managing the symptoms of CP may cause you to incur expensive medical bills. If your child developed CP because of negligent care, you may be able to hold that medical professional liable for your expenses and losses. Call an experienced cerebral palsy attorney at The Driscoll Firm for a free case evaluation today at (800) 900-7704.

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