Causes of Brachial Plexus Injuries

Brachial plexus injuries, sometimes leading to Erb’s palsy, occur when the nerves controlling the arm muscles are damaged, causing some or all of the arm, shoulder, and hand muscles to no longer function properly. Although brachial plexus injuries can happen in a variety of accidents, they can also affect newborns due to excessive stretching or nerve compression during delivery.
When proper medical procedures are not followed during the birthing process, it can mean devastating results for your baby.

It’s possible for infants to make a complete recovery following brachial plexus injuries, but your family should not have to cover the costs of treatment and therapy for injuries caused by a negligent healthcare provider. The compassionate attorneys of The Driscoll Firm can help you pursue compensation for your child’s injury.

Causes of Brachial Plexus Damage

Unfortunately, there are numerous medical mistakes that can cause an infant to suffer brachial plexus damage during birth and subsequently develop Erb’s palsy. These mistakes include:

  • Excessive compression, stretching, or manipulation of the baby’s neck or shoulders
  • Failure to perform a c-section when necessary
  • Misuse of forceps

When a physician is negligent during the birth of your child and causes your precious son or daughter to suffer a birth injury, that doctor can be held accountable for his or her careless actions or inaction leading to the damage.

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Physical therapy and surgery for brachial plexus injuries and Erb’s palsy can be both financially and emotionally draining for a family. However, the lawyers of The Driscoll Firm believe that you should not have to face these challenges alone. If your child has suffered from brachial plexus injuries due to medical malpractice, contact our offices at (800) 900-7704 to find out how we can fight for the compensation you deserve.

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