Cerebral Palsy and Cognitive Disability

Cerebral palsy is a condition that causes physical disability and, less often, cognitive disability. Furthermore, cerebral palsy’s effects on cognitive abilities can be severely disabling, oftentimes limiting a sufferer’s ability to perform and/or understand even some of the most simple daily activities. Identifying the effects of this condition is imperative in helping those with it live comfortably.

How Cerebral Palsy Can Affect Cognitive Abilities

Some individuals have more severe cases of cerebral palsy than others. This condition affects one’s physical abilities and, in one of three cases, affects one’s cognitive abilities. For example, individuals with cognitive disabilities as a result of cerebral palsy sometimes have the following:

  • Poor organizational skills
  • Difficulty placing events in order
  • Problems with words and numbers
  • Trouble holding conversations
  • Frequent conflicts with groups

If someone’s negligent acts caused your child’s birth injury resulting in cerebral palsy, you may be eligible to receive compensation for medical bills and other expenses. Seeking the help of an experienced birth injury lawsuit attorney to hold the negligent party accountable is often a wise decision.

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