Chances of Comorbidities and Cerebral Palsy

A child who has cerebral palsy, which can be caused by a mistake during a child’s delivery or pre-natal care, may develop other serious disorders, also known as comorbidities, in addition to the main disorder from which they are suffering. Not all children will develop comorbidities however.

Unfortunately, a child with multiple disorders or disabilities often needs even greater medical attention or care, as they may need to balance management strategies for their cerebral palsy and other pressing health concerns. In these situations, the medical costs involved with keeping up with medical care and other life improvement measures can be immense.

Likelihood of Comorbid Disabilities

According to a study completed by the Surveillance of Cerebral Palsy in Europe in 2002, the likelihood of developing a child developing a comorbid disability when they have cerebral palsy is considerably common. These potential concerns may occur at the following expectancies:

  • 11% possibility of developing blindness
  • 21% possibility of developing on-going seizure risks
  • 31% possibility of developing intellectual disabilities
  • 20% possibility of developing combined intellectual disabilities and immobility

Because of these heightened risks, parents of children with cerebral palsy may be left with problematic financial worries and concerns. However, if their child’s condition was caused by a birth injury, the doctor or other medical professional responsible may be held legally liable for these financial issues.

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