Deep Brain Stimulation for Athetoid Cerebral Palsy

Athetoid cerebral palsy, also known as dyskinetic-athetoid cerebral palsy, is a type of brain damage that affects an individual’s ability to control his or her muscles. As a result of this form of cerebral palsy, signals from the brain to the muscles can become disrupted, leaving a child with persistent motor disorders that can unusually increase muscle tone in certain areas while reducing tone in others. One treatment option for children suffering from this disability is known as deep brain stimulation, which works to alter the rate of these signals.

How Deep Brain Stimulation Can Help

Deep brain stimulation is a treatment method that consists of placing an electrode into a child’s brain. This electrode provides a steady pulse of electricity to a particular area of the brain, typically the globus pallidus, which affects motor control. It can help mitigate the faulty signaling created by athetoid cerebral palsy.

Deep brain stimulation offers the following potential benefits if the treatment is successful:

  • Reduction of extreme muscle tone disparity
  • Better motor control
  • Reduced chorea, or uncontrolled repetitive movements

While this treatment can provide much-needed assistance in relieving the symptoms of athetoid cerebral palsy, it can also prove very expensive.

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