How Does the Type of Cerebral Palsy Affect Treatment?

When classifying a child’s cerebral palsy, a parent may be given two major descriptions by a doctor. The first description may detail how the disability affects the body. These classifications include major types of cerebral palsy such as spastic, athetoid, hypotonic, or ataxic. The second classification provided by a doctor may detail where the body is affected, primarily determining whether the arms, legs, or both are affected by the disability. Depending on the classification of a child’s cerebral palsy, different types of treatment will be suggested.

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Type-specific Treatments for Cerebral Palsy

Certain types of treatment may be better suited for particular types of cerebral palsy. In particular, classifications may affect the following:

  • What kinds of drug treatments are most effective, particularly depending on what type of cerebral palsy a child suffers from
  • What kinds of instruments are most effective, particularly depending on what limbs are affected
  • Whether certain types of muscle-augmenting surgeries may be appropriate or not
  • What kind of physical therapy may be most useful

Parents should consult with their physician to learn more about how their child’s specific type of disability may change what treatments are best suited to working on improving a child’s quality of life. To handle some of the financial concerns associated with these medical costs, parents may want to discuss their legal options with an attorney if their child’s disability was caused at birth by a negligent physician.

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