Managing Cerebral Palsy Dietary Concerns

One frequently overlooked difficulty of managing any long-term disability is addressing the special dietary needs that may arise due to the illness or injury. In the case of cerebral palsy, these needs can depend on the type and extent of the disorder as well as its related symptoms. However, there are a few common problems that can be treated through specialized dietary plans, allowing parents and doctors to rest assured that children with cerebral palsy are receiving the full complement of vitamins and nutrients they require.

If your child has developed cerebral palsy because of a doctor’s mistakes, you may have the legal right to pursue compensation for the financial burden associated with this disorder. For more information regarding your options, contact a knowledgeable St. Louis cerebral palsy lawyer of the Driscoll Firm, at (800) 900-7704 today.

Using Specialized Diets to Improve Quality of Life

There are several health problems associated with cerebral palsy that can make life much more difficult for affected children. For instance, cerebral palsy medications as well as the disorder itself can result in issues such as constipation and malnutrition. Thus, some important dietary considerations for a child with cerebral palsy are as follows:

  • Including substantial amounts of fiber in each meal
  • Preparing healthy, balanced meals to combat malnourishment
  • Including foods with sufficient fats, but not processed or junk food
  • Avoiding spicy foods, citrus fruits, carbonated drinks, or too much red meat
  • Preparing easily chewable and swallowable foods

In some cases, doctors may prescribe specialized diets to treat specific health problems. For example, the ketogenic diet, which increases fats and lowers carbohydrates and sugars, may be used to reduce the occurrence of seizures associated with cerebral palsy. These diets are an important part of a comprehensive treatment plan, as they can capitalize on health improvements made through other forms of medical care or prevent new health problems from arising.

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The treatments and diet management strategies developed to help children with cerebral palsy can often come at a high cost for a family. However, if your child developed cerebral palsy due to a careless medical professional, you may be eligible to take legal action against that person to fight for the full compensation you deserve. To discuss your situation, contact a St. Louis cerebral palsy lawyer of the Driscoll Firm, by calling (800) 900-7704 today.

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