Muscle Atrophy

Erb’s Palsy is a devastating condition that causes paralysis in the arm and shoulder. Limited function and usage of the arm are the unfortunate consequences of this condition, in addition to nerve or muscle damage. Muscle atrophy is a type of muscle damage that is a common symptom of Erb’s Palsy, especially in children. It not only weakens the muscles in the arms or shoulders but partially or completely decreases muscle mass.

Sometimes Erb’s Palsy is the devastating result of injury during birth, which is entirely out of the control of the baby’s family. An experienced attorney can help a family pursue damages if Erb’s Palsy was caused by the negligence of medical professionals.

Signs of Muscle Atrophy

Because of its devastating effects, it is important to be watchful for signs of muscle atrophy that may signify the onset of Erb’s Palsy. Indicators of this condition include:

  • Inability to perform normal, daily tasks
  • Dormancy for extended periods of time
  • Detectable weakness of one limb compared to another

These are just a few of the signs associated with muscle atrophy. If you struggle with daily tasks or experience significant pain or weakness in an arm or shoulder, a doctor should be consulted. Sometimes Erb’s Palsy is the result of complications during delivery. When this is the case, legal action can be pursued to hold the responsible parties accountable.

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