Rhizotomy for Cerebral Palsy

There are a variety of different types of cerebral palsy, each with its own unique effects on the person diagnosed with the disorder. Arguably, the most common type of cerebral palsy is spastic cerebral palsy, a form of the disorder that causes a person to have little to no spasticity in certain parts of their body.

Fortunately, there are treatments to help with spastic cerebral palsy, including the surgical procedure known as a rhizotomy. This procedure involves the destruction of select nerves responsible for some of the symptoms associated with spastic cerebral palsy. As a result, a child may be able to manage this condition easier and feel less discomfort in doing so.

What Are the Benefits of a Rhizotomy?

A rhizotomy is a very serious surgical option for a child to undergo. Not only are there surgical risks that may arise from any such procedure, but this procedure involves the irreversible destruction of certain nerves. However, if successful, this procedure may yield some of the following benefits:

  • Relief from the discomfort of spastic muscles
  • Prevention of bone or muscular malformations
  • An early start on relearning certain functions without the impediment of spasticity

These benefits may allow a child to improve their muscle strength and adapt to the challenges they may face for the rest of their life earlier and more successfully. However, as with any surgical procedure, this operation can put a heavy financial weight on a family.

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The costs associated with a rhizotomy, recovery after the procedure, and long-term cerebral palsy complications may wear down your family’s financial stability. Fortunately, however, should the cerebral palsy be the fault of another party who acted negligently in the care of your child prior to, during, or after birth, your family may be able to pursue financial compensation for these expenses. For a free consultation regarding your options, contact an experienced cerebral palsy attorney from the Driscoll Firm today by calling (800) 900-7704.

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