Service Dogs and Personal Care Assistants

As children with cerebral palsy grow older, they need to develop skills that can allow them to live independently despite their disabilities. As a result, these individuals may hire personal care assistants or use trained service dogs to help them with everyday tasks that are otherwise too difficult or time consuming to complete on their own. These assistants are often hired after an individual with cerebral palsy begins to move towards personal independence, but the costs associated with this assistance may be considered in a childhood cerebral palsy injury lawsuit.

At The Driscoll Firm, we help parents of children with cerebral palsy pursue legal action against the caregivers responsible for their child’s lifelong disabilities. From the costs of medical care to personal assistants and service dogs, medical professionals and other parties who cause a child and their family to shoulder these costs related to cerebral palsy should be the ones to bear these expenses.

How Can Personal Care Assistants and Service Dogs Help?

When a person strives for independence, but needs daily assistance due to cerebral palsy, they may turn to the help of a service dog or a personal care assistant. Personal care assistants may provide the following assistance, among other needs:

  • Transportation
  • Hygiene and personal organization assistance
  • Shopping and food preparation assistance
  • Financial management assistance
  • Similarly, service dogs can provide the following kinds of help with a person’s daily needs:
  • Help for visually- or auditory-impaired individuals
  • Help in predicting seizures
  • Mobility support
  • Security and safety assistance

These kinds of assistants can also help individuals with cerebral palsy develop strong, healthy emotional sensibilities despite the oftentimes immense pressure and strain this kind of disability can put on them.

Contact a Cerebral Palsy Brain Injury Attorney

If your child has developed cerebral palsy because of a brain injury linked to a physician’s thoughtless errors, a lawyer from The Driscoll Firm may be able to help you obtain compensation for immediate and long-term care expenses, including personal assistants and service pets. For a free consultation regarding these options when moving forward with a cerebral palsy claim, call (800) 900-7704 today.


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