Special Education Expenses for Disabled Children

Children with disabilities such as Erb’s palsy or cerebral palsy sometimes require additional care when it comes to education. Special needs schools can provide much-needed support that is tailored for children with disability complications. However, enrolling children in these schools can be expensive, in addition to the already high costs of medical treatments and symptom management strategies.

If your child has developed cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy due to mistakes made by a medical professional’s negligent actions, there may be legal options available to help you fight for compensation for your child’s disability needs. For more information about how to seek financial compensation for your child’s disability, contact an experienced Erb’s palsy lawyer of the Driscoll Firm today at (800) 900-7704.

Compensation for Special Needs Education Costs

A family facing the financial burden of special needs education expenses may struggle to cover these costs without the full compensation they deserve from the party at fault for the disability. These financial concerns can include the following:

  • Tuition expenses
  • Additional materials required by a school
  • Special travel or transportation costs

At the Driscoll Firm, we can help you seek remuneration for all damages associated with your child’s disability, including his or her special education expenses.

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If your family is trying to manage the high costs associated with caring for a disabled child, we may be able to help you pursue compensation from the medical professionals responsible for your child’s disability. For a free consultation regarding your case, contact a knowledgeable Erb’s palsy attorney of the Driscoll Firm today by calling (800) 900-7704.

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