The Benefits of Biofeedback Treatment

Children with cerebral palsy may require a variety of therapy-based treatments in order to alleviate the many musculoskeletal symptoms of this disability. Physical therapy is one of the most common treatment options for cerebral palsy, and it is often supplemented with other treatment strategies to maximize its effectiveness. In some cases, this type of therapy may be done in conjunction with a type of treatment known as biofeedback.

How Is Biofeedback Useful?

On its own, physical therapy can yield significant benefits for a child with cerebral palsy. However, these benefits can multiply when physical therapy is paired with corresponding treatment methods, including as biofeedback. Biofeedback allows children to see and understand through medical data exactly what their bodies experience because of cerebral palsy and how physical therapy can help. Children can potentially enjoy the following benefits from this treatment aid:

  • Better adjust their postures and movements by consciously understanding their bodies’ disabilities
  • Avoid painful motions by seeing exactly how pain is produced due to certain movements
  • Improved mood due to feeling more in control about treatment and seeing actual physical improvements

Biofeedback does not work for every child, and it may only have a limited effect in some cases. However, for others, it may significantly improve gains made by physical therapy alone.

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