The Statute of Limitations in Cerebral Palsy Lawsuits

Typically, an individual who wishes to file a lawsuit against a doctor or medical facility for medical malpractice has a limited period of time in which to evaluate their options. However, cases involving injuries to infants and other minors are governed by slightly different rules. The time limit enforced on these cases, known as the statute of limitations, is calculated differently when minors are injured, including those who are sustain birth injuries.

If your family has been shaken by a birth injury causing your child to develop cerebral palsy, you may be entitled to pursue compensation from the negligent parties who harmed them. Contact the cerebral palsy birth injury lawyers of Driscoll Firm, at (800) 900-7704 to discuss your potential case with a caring and experienced attorney.

When Do Cerebral Palsy Medical Malpractice Claims Expire?

The statute of limitations works like a time limit for medical malpractice claims. Once this time limit expires, a person no longer has the right to sue for financial compensation from the individual or group responsible for their injuries. For birth injuries, including those that may cause cerebral palsy, the following rules are in place:

  • In some states, minors may have the option to wait until years after their 18th birthday to sue
  • Parents have the right to pursue compensation for the benefit of their child until their 18th birthday
  • Rules and exceptions vary between the states

As the circumstances of the injury or claim can potentially affect eligibility, a family may want to discuss their options with a legal professional before deciding for or against the pursuit of legal action.

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Cerebral palsy is a lifelong disorder that can require substantial medical care and other assistance. A successful birth injury lawsuit can considerably lessen the financial burden placed upon a family. Contact a cerebral palsy attorney atDriscoll Firm, by calling (800) 900-7704 today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

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