Treating Erb’s Palsy

When a child suffers paralysis of their arm during a difficult labor, they are often diagnosed with Erb’s palsy, which is caused by the nerves of the upper arm being damaged. Unlike cerebral palsy, where the disability stems from damage to the brain and only the symptoms can be treated, Erb’s palsy is a condition which can be partially or completely treated. The severity of the injury to the nerves will determine whether the arm will heal on its own or whether it will require therapy or surgery.

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Types of Treatments

Some children may heal naturally if the damage to the nerves in the arm was minor. In cases with more severe damage, however, they may require therapy to rehabilitate the arm’s nerves and muscles or surgery to replace the damaged nerves and to give the arm more mobility. The three most common treatments are:

  • Nerve transplants – most effective as a neonatal procedure. Nerves are usually taken from the leg opposite the arm
  • Latissimus dorsi tendon transfer – the latissimus dorsi muscle is attached to the biceps
  • Subscapularis release – cuts within the suscapularis muscles to allow arm flexibility

If a child’s Erb’s palsy is not treated by their first year, they will most likely not regain full function of their arm. Thus, recognizing and treating it early are vitally important for an effective recovery.

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