Treatment for Language Disabilities Associated with Cerebral Palsy

When a child develops cerebral palsy, they may experience a wide range of possible disabilities that can affect their motor and cognitive skills. In particular, major problems with either physical or mental capabilities can substantially change a child’s language development. However, there may be treatment options available to help children with cerebral palsy regain control and confidence over their language and communication skills.

If your child has developed cerebral palsy due to a mistake made by a physician or nurse during birth, we may be able to assist your family with the difficult process of filing a claim for compensation. For more information regarding your options in approaching legal action after a birth injury, contact the cerebral palsy attorneys of Driscoll Firm, today by calling (800) 900-7704.

Treatment Options for Language Disabilities

For children in need of assistance with their language and communication skills, there are a variety of options available. Depending on the type of language problem, certain treatments may be more effective than others. These treatments include the following:

  • Speech and writing therapy
  • Drugs that can improve skill learning from therapy
  • Surgeries that may improve speech-related motor functions
  • Occupational therapy that can develop improved communication methods

Depending on a child’s needs, treatment may be available. To match the oftentimes high costs of these treatments, a family may want to consider what legal options may be available to hold the doctor or nurse responsible for their child’s disability.

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Language disabilities can sharply affect a child’s overall behavioral and psychological development. If your child has suffered because of a medical practitioner’s errors, there may be legal options available to push for financial coverage for language disability treatments, in addition to other costs. For a no-cost case evaluation regarding your personal injury claim eligibility, contact a cerebral palsy attorney of Driscoll Firm, at (800) 900-7704.

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