Treatments for Athetoid Cerebral Palsy

Athetoid cerebral palsy (ADCP) is one of the four possible kinds of cerebral palsy a child can have, along with spastic, ataxic, and mixed cerebral palsy. Each diagnosis of cerebral palsy comes with its own nuances that make one type of cerebral palsy distinct from another type. Athetoid cerebral palsy is a severe diagnosis because unlike spastic and ataxic cerebral palsy, ADCP brings with it both hypertonia and hypotonia. An Athetoid cerebral palsy diagnosis can usually be made within 18 months of birth using motor ability and neuroimaging. From that point forward, certain treatments exist to help patients cope with the disorder.

Treatments for Athetoid Cerebral Palsy

Athetoid cerebral palsy is a severe disorder with no known cures. However, certain treatments that may alleviate the symptoms can be used and include the following:

  • Physical and occupational therapy – the most common ADCP treatment that involves strengthening the trunk and fixing posture
  • Speech therapy – can include sign language for certain patients
  • Drug therapy – medications that hinders certain neurotransmitters can be used to treat spasms
  • Deep brain simulation – although the specific mechanism by which deep brain stimulation works is unclear, effects have been shown to be profoundly positive.

Each therapy may have different effects depending on the particular individual.

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