When Seizures Require Emergency Attention

Many children suffering from cerebral palsy may experience seizures as a result of the damage their brain has sustained from a birth injury. These complications can be particularly frightening for many children and parents alike, as a child will typically lose control over their body and be unable to stop themselves once the seizure has started. While small seizures may be cause for concern if a child falls over while walking or strikes their head while seizing, they usually don’t require emergency attention. However, in more severe cases, a parent should call 911 for help.

When to Call for Help

Although most seizures won’t require immediate medical attention, some instances may prove more serious than others. During these more severe seizures, a parent may want to call for immediate medical care for their child. The signs of a severe seizure can include the following:

  • The seizure lasts longer than ten minutes
  • Seizures occur continuously without time for the child to recover
  • The child stops breathing or is experiencing difficulty doing so
  • The child’s skin visibly changes colors

These signs mean that a child’s life could be at risk if they aren’t provided with quick, appropriate medical care for the complications associated with a severe seizure.

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