A study suggests that birth method doesn’t effect cerebral palsy

A forthcoming study, scheduled to be published in the journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology this December, claims that Cesarean deliveries do not lower an infant’s chance of developing cerebral palsy.

Research revealed that even with Cesarean rates growing from 5% to 33% in Australia in over 40 years, cerebral palsy cases continued to occur consistently at 2-2.25 per 1,000 births. After collecting and studying this data, University of Adelaide’s Emeritus Professor, Alastair Maclennan, posits that Cesarean section deliveries are not effective in reducing the possible development of cerebral palsy.

At present, the Australian Collaborative Cerebral Palsy Research Group is still conducting studies into the possible cause of cerebral palsy. MacLennan said the results of the study are “clinically important” in disproving litigation that links Cesarean delivery to the prevention of cerebral palsy.

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