Brachial plexus injuries and medical negligence

Brachial plexus refers to a network of nerves running from the spine to the shoulders. It is responsible in delivering electric signals from the brain to the arms and shoulders, making it possible for the entire upper limb to feel sensation and to move. When these nerves are compressed, stretched, or torn, oftentimes from a physical trauma, a brachial plexus injury may occur.

Brachial plexus injury can happen at birth. Newborns who have been forcefully removed from the birth canal during labor are at risk of this kind of injury. Furthermore, a medical practitioner’s failure to perform C-section when needed may cause prolonged labor where the baby is in a compressed position for a significant amount of time, which can also cause brachial plexus injuries. This can result in severe pain, numbness, or limited use of the hand and arm.

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