Cerebral Palsy Lawyers at The Driscoll Firm Discuss How Recent Court Rulings Could Affect Medical Malpractice Cases

St. Louis, MO (Marketwire – Aug 3, 2012) – The cerebral palsy lawyers of The Driscoll Firm are dedicated to helping the victims of medical malpractice fight for compensation, and to this end, they are pleased to note a recent court decision in the state of Missouri. On Tuesday, the Missouri Supreme Court voted to overturn an existing cap on non-economic damages that can be awarded to victims of medical malpractice.

According to court documents, the state’s former cap on medical malpractice damages was challenged in a recent medical malpractice suit in the state (No. SC91867, Appeal from the Circuit Court of Greene County Honorable Dan J. Conklin, Judge). After Deborah Watts’ son was born with severe brain damage, she filed a lawsuit against Cox Medical Center, claiming they were negligent in their patient care which resulted in her child’s irreversible complications.

As stated in the court documents, the jury voted to award Ms. Watts $3.37 million for past and future medical damages as well as $1.45 million for pain and suffering (non-economic damages). After this ruling, the pain and suffering compensation was reduced to $350,000 to fit the Missouri cap. Her legal team fought the change on the grounds that the cap was unconstitutional. The Missouri Supreme court ruled that the cap was indeed in violation of a victim’s rights to trial by jury and that the details of the case should determine the associated damages. This ruling is currently only relevant to medical malpractice cases (court records available at – http://www.courts.mo.gov/file.jsp?id=55761).

The cerebral palsy lawyers of The Driscoll Firm are dedicated to helping the victims of medical professionals’ negligence fight for the full amount of compensation they deserve, and are available to help families who have been affected by the irresponsible actions of medical professionals.

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