Behavioral Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Many children with cerebral palsy have a particularly difficult time dealing with the frustrations associated with their disability. As a result, they may develop behavioral problems that can interfere with daily life. Fortunately, in order to combat these problems, a child with cerebral palsy may be able to undergo behavioral therapy.

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How Behavioral Therapy Helps

Behavioral therapy for cerebral palsy can give children and their parents a variety of tools for dealing with potentially problematic situations and behavioral outbursts. In particular, this type of therapy may help with the following concerns:

  • Help children develop better communication skills to explain frustrations
  • Help children stay emotionally calm during behavioral outburst triggers
  • Help parents attend to their child’s special needs, avoiding behavioral triggers
  • Help parents develop a closer understanding of why their child acts out

This therapy option can be very important for parents and children alike, as improvements in communication and understanding are foundations to a better quality of life for a whole family. However, like other forms of therapy, these therapy sessions can prove somewhat expensive for a household to manage.

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