Drug Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

As many as 80% of people who have cerebral palsy (CP) suffer from spasticity, in which the signals that the brain sends along nerve receptors in the spine are disrupted, leading to erratic muscle control or muscle rigidity. The muscles frequently and uncontrollably contract, which can be painful as well as harmful to nearby joints. However, several medications have been developed which can help manage muscle contractions, thereby reducing the stress put on the individual’s body.

Managing the symptoms of CP can be financially burdensome for a family. If another person’s negligence contributed to your child developing CP, you may want to contact a cerebral palsy attorney of The Driscoll Firm, to discuss your legal options for pursuing financial compensation. Call us today at (800) 900-7704.

Effects of Drug Therapy

Most of the drugs used to treat CP target different ways in which the body controls muscles, giving people with cerebral palsy a variety of options when it comes to managing the symptoms of the condition. Some of the ways in which drug therapy work include:

  • Relaxing both the muscles of the body and the brain
  • Blocking signals that tell muscles to contract
  • Interfering with the muscle contraction by interrupting the process

These medications give people with CP another avenue of treatment that, when used with other treatments such as surgery, could improve their quality of life through increased motor control and independence.

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