Early signs that a baby has cerebral palsy

Detecting cerebral palsy at an early age can be difficult; however, there are certain signs that may point to a child having this condition. In fact, one developmental delay at a early stage of life of a baby can be considered a sign of cerebral palsy.

Infants suspected of having cerebral palsy are usually slow in their motor skills development, like learning to roll over, sit, smile or walk. Most of the time, parents are the ones who first notice if their baby’s motor skills are not developing normally, as they spend the most time with the child. Doctors, on the other hand, conduct medical evaluations and look for signs, like abnormal muscle tone, abnormal posture, persistent early reflexes, and early development of hand preference.

Cerebral palsy symptoms may vary depending on the severity of brain injury and malformation.

While cerebral palsy can develop as a result of other factors, the negligent acts of medical professionals all too often cause this condition. As such, if you believe your child has developed cerebral palsy in this manner, call (800) 900-7704 to speak with the lawyers at The Driscoll Firm.

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