The Driscoll Firm files lawsuit against doctor and medical group for birth injuries

The legal team at The Driscoll Firm recently filed a lawsuit on the behalf of Jasmine Gaylor and her mother, Milagro Gaylor, against Abingdon Obstetrics and Gynecology, P.C. and Jay Wayne Lavigne, M.D. The lawsuit alleges that the defendants provided negligent care in delivering Jasmine, resulting in several birth injuries and necessary medical treatments since her birth. Attorneys are asking for damages worth $10 million for medical bills and other expenses to compensate the Gaylor family.

The complaint (Case No. CL 13-2023, In the Circuit Court for the City of Roanoke) states that Dr. Lavigne failed to properly evalute Jasmine’s medical situation when she arrived at the Memorial Hospital Emergency Department on November 7th, 2008 while experiencing extreme pain and contractions every two to three minutes. As per Dr. Lavigne’s advice, nurses simply observed and monitored Milagro’s condition until nurses sought the medical care of another doctor when Milagro’s contractions and pain had continued for several hours. The second doctor found that a placental abruption had occurred. As a result of the placental abruption, Jasmine developed many medical conditions requiring medical intervention.

Learn more about the lawsuit here.

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