Umbilical cord blood might be the key to preventing CP

Researchers at the Monash Institute of Medical Research in Australia are currently researching a possible treatment that would prevent the development of cerebral palsy among high-risk newborns, the Daily Mail reported on June 5.

The researchers were successful in isolating certain stem cells found in the blood of a newborn’s own umbilical cord that are crucial in lowering the risk of cerebral palsy. These stem cells are Mesenchymal stem cells, which repair the brain, Endothelial Progenitor cells, which improve the flow of blood to the damaged areas of the brain, and T-regulatory cells, which fight inflammation.

Scientist Courtney McDonald said current pre-clinical trials suggest that giving the umbilical cord blood back to the newborn within the first 12 hours of life shows positive results in preventing birth asphyxia–a condition which may lead to cerebral palsy.

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