AAP warns about the dangers of delayed CP diagnosis

A diagnosis of cerebral palsy (CP) can be devastating for families. As such, doctors have been very wary of diagnosing this life-long condition. Because there is currently no definitive testing mechanism to determine CP, some medical professionals choose to diagnose the condition past the age of 8 to 12, when the child’s brain is fully developed and a CP diagnosis can be conclusive.

However, in a 2013 clinical study entitled Motor Delays: Early Identification and Evaluation, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) underscored that whatever the type of developmental condition the child has, it is important for the medical professionals to begin early intervention programs that would help the child and their parents adapt with the medical situation. After all, delaying a child’s diagnosis of cerebral palsy is tantamount to delaying the opportunity to seek the best therapies, treatment, and government benefit programs that would have been available to alleviate the condition.

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