Family awarded $18 million after jury rules medical negligence

A Kentucky family’s three-year lawsuit finally came to a close last month after 10 of 12 jurors ruled that TJ Samson Community Hospital acted negligently in the birth of the family’s son, according to a WBKO article.

When the mother went in to deliver her child, she had no previous complications and her child was seemingly healthy. The doctor gave specific orders for the administration of medicine and spacing of contractions. These orders were not followed by other hospital staff and resulted in the baby being trapped in the birth canal with a limited oxygen supply. The child consequently developed spastic quadriplegia, a type of cerebral palsy, as a result of the hospitals negligent actions.

TJ Samson Community Hospital was ordered to pay the family $18 million for institutional negligence resulting in a debilitating birth injury condition. This sum included coverage for his entire life care plan of about $9 million, expected to support him over the next 67 years. He was also awarded compensation for his future lost earnings, past pain and suffering, and future pain and suffering.

This instance shows how too often, negligence by medical professionals can lead to the devastating development of disabling conditions like cerebral palsy. If your child has developed a birth injury like cerebral party due to another party’s wrong-doing, the birth injury lawyers with the Driscoll Firm may be able to help. Contact us at (800) 900-7704 today to begin taking action.

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