Early labor induction could be a key in preventing cerebral palsy

A study by the University of Copenhagen found that inducing labor among women at 37 weeks could possibly reduce the risk of birth asphyxia, stillbirth, and cerebral palsy, according to a report by The Independent on Wednesday, March 4.

Labor induction refers to the use of medications or other techniques to stimulate uterine contraction, and is usually performed only after 42 weeks, when the baby is overdue. However, a recent study, which evaluated 770,936 births over the period of 13 years, revealed that proactively inducing labor at 37 weeks reduced the rate of stillborn births from 1.9% to 1% per 1,000 births. Additionally, peripheral nerve injuries, such as Erb’s palsy, were reduced by 43%, while the rate of cerebral palsy-causing birth asphyxia was down by 23%.

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