Colorado family won $17.8 million in medical malpractice case

After seven long years of legal battle, a district court in Colorado finally awarded millions of dollars to a family who suffered from a medical malpractice incident after staff at the Children’s Hospital Colorado administered an incorrect dosage to their four-year-old daughter, resulting in lifelong brain damage and cerebral palsy, the Gazette reported on April 4.

The Arapahoe County District Court awarded $17.8 million, possibly the largest medical malpractice verdict handled out in Colorado, to Naomi Pressey, now seven years of age. In February 2008, Naomi was given the wrong dose of prostaglandin in preparation for a procedure to treat a common congenital heart defect. The error caused her to suffer from cerebral palsy, severe motor skill impairment, significant intellectual disability and cognitive impairment.

Children’s Hospital Colorado said it plans to appeal the verdict.

Medication error is considered among the most common medical malpractice causes of cerebral palsy in the country. To learn more about taking legal action against a negligent medical facility or practitioner that caused your child to suffer from this life-long condition, consult with a lawyer at the Driscoll Firm by calling (800) 900-7704 today.

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