Factors affecting life span of CP patients

According to medical professionals, predicting the life span of a child with cerebral palsy is almost impossible; however, it is still a significant concern to the parents. When estimating life expectancy of cerebral palsy patients, the following are a few of the factors that are generally taken into consideration:

  • Severity – Obviously, severe impairment on the body has the potential to shorten the life span of a cerebral palsy sufferer. More severe manifestations of the disorder may point to a more serious underlying condition, such as major brain damage.
  • Feeding difficulties – Self-feeding children often experience more independence and robust health than those who require assistance, and difficulty in eating may result in malnutrition.
  • Respiratory function – The struggle to breath may tire the body and make it harder to function overall. This may lead to fatal heart conditions.

Through the years, there have been cases where mistreatment by medical professionals has been the cause of cerebral palsy in some children. If you think your child is suffering as a result of medical malpractice, please get in touch with our birth injury lawyers at the Driscoll Firm. Call us now at (800) 900-7704.

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