Bumbo seats recalled due to reports of infant head injury

Officials with the Consumer Product Safety Commission have announced the recall of nearly 4 million Baby Bumbo seats after it was discovered that children may be able to wiggle out of the floor seat and potentially suffer head injuries as a result of the fall.

The first recall on these seats was made in October 2007 and resulted in additional warning labels to be placed upon the seats and stated that  placing the seats on raised surfaces may be dangerous.

There have been 50 reports of infants wiggling out of Bumbo seats and sustaining skull fractures as a result. Another 34 reports were made that stated that infants fell out of the seat while it was on the floor and 21 of these infants received skull fractures.

Consumers have been urged to stop the use of the Bumbo seats and to contact Bumbo International of South Africa in order to receive a repair kit that will include a restraint belt. The company has stated that they will be adding the restraint belt to all of the seats as a safety precaution.

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