Surgical options for cerebal palsy

Children with cerebral palsy (CP) may experience symptoms that can greatly limit mobility, cause pain, and pose great health risks. When these symptoms cannot be managed by any non-invasive treatment, such as medications and physical therapies, surgery might be considered an option.

Surgery for individuals with CP varies greatly on the challenges each individual child faces. It might be performed to ease muscle stiffness and spasms, increase mobility, treat potentially dangerous spinal curves, prevent dislocation of the hips, or correct uneven limb length. Surgery may also be performed to help facilitate the administration of medicines. Baclofen pumps, for instance, are inserted underneath the skin of a child’s belly to administer a muscle relaxant into the fluid around the spine.

There are instances, however, when these invasive CP surgeries have caused greater harm than good. If your child’s situation has deteriorated after undergoing a surgery associated with treatment for CP, consult a dedicated and experienced cerebral palsy surgical error lawyer at the Driscoll Firm for the possibility of getting compensated by the negligent party involved. Call us at (800) 305-9800 today.

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