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Cerebral palsy is a largely congenital movement disorder that impairs an individual’s motor skills and, sometimes, his or her cognitive ability. When cerebral palsy occurs due to negligence on the part of medical practitioners during the birthing process, as it often does, a diagnosis of this disorder can be even more devastating for a family to cope with.

The Denver cerebral palsy attorneys at The Driscoll Firm are dedicated to representing families who have been affected by an infant’s diagnosis of this condition because a hospital facility was found to allow negligent conditions, a staff member acted carelessly during a procedure, or another form of medical malpractice took place. You do not have to face this situation alone; our Denver legal team may help you hold each and every party responsible fully accountable for financial damages in court.

Cerebral Palsy Resources

Expenses related to cerebral palsy extend long past birth, as additional medical treatment and constant care may be required to provide a quality life for individuals with this condition. However, an attorney may help you hold the negligent party fully accountable for these financial losses. Our Denver legal team has gathered the following information to serve as a resource for those affected by cerebral palsy in Denver:

One mistake or act of negligence on the part of a Denver medical practitioner can lead to a lifetime of undue challenges and expenses. Enlist the help of a Denver medical malpractice attorney who will fight on your behalf for the justice you believe you deserve.

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If your child has been diagnosed with a cerebral palsy condition that you believe was caused by medical malpractice in Denver, there may be legal options for recourse against those responsible. Call the Denver cerebral palsy attorneys of The Driscoll Firm at (800) 900-7704 today to learn more about pursuing financial restitution.

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