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Cerebral Palsy is a serious brain disorder that can severely impair an individual’s motor skills and cognitive development, leading to lifelong complications that often require pain management, therapy, and treatment. Although there are a number of causes that can lead to the development of cerebral palsy, head trauma during childbirth is among the most common.

While most children develop cerebral palsy in the womb or due to an improperly handled birth, any head trauma that causes a limited supply of oxygen during the first two crucial developmental years of the child’s life can cause this disorder to develop. Unfortunately, when it does, it usually has serious implications for the child’s long-term health, in addition to placing heavy financial burdens on new parents due to medical costs.

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Deciding how to proceed after a child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy is often a challenging and tenuous situation, causing many parents to be unsure as to the best way to handle their unexpected expenses. In order to help all families facing such a situation, our team has compiled the following resources:

Often, parents find that when their child developed cerebral palsy due to someone else’s negligent actions, the fastest way to obtain fair compensation for their losses is by taking legal action. However, taking such action can be arduous and complicated, leading many to seek legal help to ease the process.

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If you child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly following childbirth, it is possible that improper medical procedures and techniques may have contributed to this permanent brain disorder. At The Driscoll Firm, our lawyers are dedicated to helping families in such situations pursue the full and fair compensation they need. To learn more about your rights and legal options in this situation, speak with us at (800) 900-7704 today.

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