Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s palsy is a birth defect that is characterized by impaired motor control and, in some cases, complete and permanent paralysis of the arm due to damage to the muscle groups controlled by a particular nerve cluster called the brachial plexus. This group of muscles controls all movement and sensation in the arm and is extremely vulnerable to devastating damage during early childhood development, which can cause irreparable impairment to motor control in the affected areas.

There are a number of different accidents and events that can damage the brachial plexus during early childhood, but a disproportionally large percentage of the injuries occur during the process of childbirth due to improper medical procedures and techniques. In such situations, the doctor or hospital may be found at fault for the injury and, as such, can often be held liable for the expenses of treatment.

Medical Malpractice and Erb’s Palsy

Every doctor owes their patients a duty of care to perform their medical tasks in a safe and effective manner commensurate with their training. Malpractice occurs when an individual or entity acts negligently in providing care to patients and, as a result, an injury occurs. The following are a few examples of the more common means by which a child suffers damage leading to Erb’s palsy:

  • Inappropriately manipulating the shoulder during delivery
  • Pulling on the shoulders too firmly
  • Improperly timing delivery procedures
  • Incorrect use of medical tools

If an attorney can demonstrate that a doctor acted in a negligent manner, it may be possible to recover compensation for the medical expenses and other losses a child and his or her family sustains.

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