Non-Medical Causes of Cerebral Palsy

While many individuals develop cerebral palsy as a result of a negligent medical practitioner, there are some who have developed this debilitating disorder due to non-medical negligence or carelessness. Although medical malpractice is one of the most common reasons a child develops cerebral palsy, any trauma or damage done to the brain in the first few years of life can also be a cause of the disorder. However, just as a medical professional can be held responsible for their negligence, so too can another party who causes a child to develop cerebral palsy due to their irresponsibility.

At The Driscoll Firm, our cerebral palsy attorneys believe that any person who causes a child to unduly be afflicted with cerebral palsy should be held financially responsible. Contact our highly skilled legal team at (800) 900-7704 today to find out what your legal options are for pursuing justice and compensation.

Cerebral Palsy Causes

When a child’s brain suffers a severe or prolonged loss of oxygen or is seriously damaged, he or she could develop cerebral palsy. Some of the most common non-medical causes of cerebral palsy include things such as:

  • Blunt head trauma
  • Car accidents
  • Abuse
  • Near drowning

Regardless of how your child developed cerebral palsy, if it was the result of another person’s negligence, contact an experienced lawyer to find out how you may be able to get justice and compensation for your child and your family’s suffering.

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