Australian scientists research risk factors for cerebral palsy and infant death

Scientists from the National Institutes of Health and various Australian universities, headed by National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke scientist emeritus Karin Nelson, have researched certain risk factors that presumably cause cerebral palsy and early mortality in babies.

The scientists’ studies found out that many cases of cerebral palsy have originated from asphyxial birth events (situations during labor and delivery that can possibly interfere with the oxygen’s travel to the newly-born infant’s brain), inflammation (infection signs), birth defects, and unhealthy fetal growth (includes low birth weight or unnaturally small infant size).

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects body movement and muscle coordination, usually involving dyskinesia or uncontrollable writhing movements, and spastic quadriplegia, which is characterized by severe limb stiffness.

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Scottish Girl to Fly to St. Louis for Cerebral Palsy Treatment

A 5-year-old girl who was badly mishandled by erring midwives during her birth is seeking an operation in the U.S.

Unable to stand by herself, and with only a six-word vocabulary, young Jessica Penny of Rutherglen, Scotland flew to St. Louis, Missouri on Friday with her parents to undergo an operation to address the effects of cerebral palsy. Jessica was starved of oxygen and suffered significant drops in her heart rate during her birth. Jessica’s parents, Lynne and Colin Penny, were able to raise £85, 000 for the highly-specialized operation, called a dorsal rhizotomy, which is a spinal surgery that will hopefully be able to reverse some of cerebral palsy’s effects.

Jessica’s mother described the errors of the responsible midwives as “assault.” Her daughter was left needing constant care while she herself had to seek counseling and be put on anti-depressants.

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Family awarded $21 million in cerebral palsy case

In 2002, a premature baby was born with cerebral palsy after being deprived of oxygen while in his mother’s womb. The delivery took place at Harbor Hospital in Maryland.

The parents of the young boy, now 9 years old, filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and the staff in regards to their son’s condition. They claimed that the staff should have recognized that their son was not receiving the proper amount of oxygen while in the womb and should have performed an emergency C-section.

A Baltimore jury agreed with the parents in the case and decided that the negligent hospital staff were directly connected to the development of cerebral palsy in the newborn. They awarded the parents a total of $21 million.

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Clinical trial established for cerebral palsy treatment

Researchers at Duke University have established a clinical trial in order to help treat cerebral palsy in young children.

Currently, there is no cure for cerebral palsy, which is a disorder that can develop at birth due to medical malpractice. If a child is deprived of oxygen during birth, his or her brain may suffer from damage, potentially leading to brain and nervous system issues resulting in physical and mental disabilities.

The clinical trial is looking at using a child’s own cord blood as a solution to help treat the symptoms of spastic cerebral palsy. Children between the ages of 1 and 6 are able to participate in the trial if they have a supply of their own cord blood. The blood is injected intravenously, and there is no chance of rejection due to it being the child’s own blood.

The doctors conducting this trial are hopeful that this method could improve the debilitating complications that develop in children with cerebral palsy. If the trial proves to be a success, then the doctors have stated their plans to move forward with using the cord blood to prevent the chronic condition altogether.

Maryland family receives $55 million in cerebral palsy lawsuit

In March 2010, an expectant mother in Baltimore was rushed to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in order to undergo an emergency caesarean section to deliver her son.

Two hours after arriving at the hospital, the woman had yet to undergo the emergency c-section. She claims that during that time delay, her son was not receiving the correct amount of oxygen to his brain. As a result, the delayed procedure caused the newborn to be born with several birth injuries, including cerebral palsy and a seizure condition.

Two years later, the young boy requires full-time care and attention in order to function. The parents of the young boy sued the hospital claiming that its negligence directly caused their son to suffer from this debilitating condition. A jury sided with the parents and awarded them $55 million for the current and future treatment of cerebral palsy.

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What is cerebral palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a condition that causes physical and sometimes mental disability to individuals. It affects the brain and the nervous system and is a non-progressive illness.

However, cerebral palsy is a chronic condition, as there is no cure, and different treatment options are available for different stages of the condition. As a child with cerebral palsy continues to grow and develop, the damage to the brain will pose various problems and symptoms associated with the cerebral palsy diagnosis. Overall, there are three different types of this condition: athetoid, ataxic, and spastic.

This disorder can develop during childbirth, directly after birth, and also up until the age of three. A majority of cerebral palsy cases are the result of hospital negligence to some degree.

If your child was diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to medical malpractice, please contact the cerebral palsy birth injury lawyers of the Driscoll Firm by calling 800-305-9800 today.

Medical malpractice suit filed after boy is born with cerebral palsy

On January 17, 2011, a Chicago woman gave birth to a boy with cerebral palsy. Several different medical mistakes led to the development of this birth injury, and now the woman is suing the hospital for medical malpractice.

During the delivery, the heart monitor was showing a normal heartbeat, but the doctors noticed that the baby was suffering from a lack of oxygen. They continued with the vaginal delivery based on the heartbeat data and used the vacuum extraction method to remove the baby.

After the child was born, it was determined that he did indeed suffer from oxygen deprivation to his brain, which in turn caused him to develop cerebral palsy. Shortly after, it was discovered that the heart monitor was not measuring the baby’s heartbeat but instead the mother’s.

The parents of the young boy with cerebral palsy have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and certain personnel. They are alleging that the doctors acted negligently when they utilized the faulty heart monitor and when they failed to perform an emergency C-section when necessary.

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