Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute working on new cerebral palsy treatments

In addition to experts at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute developing a high-intensity form of therapy for children with cerebral palsy to help them move their impaired arms and legs, the Institute has created a new clinic to research more treatments for children with this disorder.

Children suffering from hemiparesis, which is essentially debilitation on one side of the body caused by injury on the opposite side of the brain, may be able to utilize this new form of therapy, in which their functioning arm and hand will be placed in a cast to encourage movement of the weaker limb.

Virginia Tech professor Sharon Ramey, who will co-head the clinic with fellow professor Stephanie DeLuca, said it is important for both sides of the body to work well, and the exercise will help to make that happen.

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Neonatal infections can factor in development of cerebral palsy

Preterm infants who succumbed to neonatal infections are more likely to have cerebral palsy at age five, according to a recently published study.

According to Dr. Ayoub Mitha in a study she wrote that was published in Pediatrics, neonatal infections occur more commonly in preterm infants, which can further increase their risk of developing neurologic and cognitive disabilities. The study included 2,665 live births between 22 and 32 weeks of gestation The five-year follow-up study presented cerebral palsy in 9% (157 of 1,769) of the participants and 12% (177 of 1,495) had cognitive impairment.

Mitha said the risk of cerebral palsy in children with neonatal infections resonates with the neurotoxic effects of infectious and inflammatory mediators on cerebral white matter.

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Scottish Girl to Fly to St. Louis for Cerebral Palsy Treatment

A 5-year-old girl who was badly mishandled by erring midwives during her birth is seeking an operation in the U.S.

Unable to stand by herself, and with only a six-word vocabulary, young Jessica Penny of Rutherglen, Scotland flew to St. Louis, Missouri on Friday with her parents to undergo an operation to address the effects of cerebral palsy. Jessica was starved of oxygen and suffered significant drops in her heart rate during her birth. Jessica’s parents, Lynne and Colin Penny, were able to raise £85, 000 for the highly-specialized operation, called a dorsal rhizotomy, which is a spinal surgery that will hopefully be able to reverse some of cerebral palsy’s effects.

Jessica’s mother described the errors of the responsible midwives as “assault.” Her daughter was left needing constant care while she herself had to seek counseling and be put on anti-depressants.

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New York girl awarded $103 million in cerebral palsy lawsuit

A 17-year-old New York girl was recently awarded $103 million in her cerebral palsy lawsuit. The lawsuit stated that the girl developed cerebral palsy due to hospital negligence, and the jury sided with the plaintiff.

The girl’s mother, carrying twins, started contractions three months before her due date. The hospital staff failed to notice that her pains were in fact premature contractions until it was too late. The woman went into labor one week after entering the hospital and delivered twin girls.

One twin developed normally, but the other developed cerebral palsy. Seventeen years later, one of the twins is an independent teenager who has complete control of her mobility and cognitive functions, while the other requires constant care and attention. The teenager suffering from cerebral palsy is confined to a wheelchair and has numerous neurological problems. She chose to file a lawsuit against the hospital staff in order to acquire financial compensation to pay for her future needs regarding care.

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Today is World Cerebral Palsy Day

September 4, 2012 is World Cerebral Palsy Day. This is the first year that a specific date has been connected to this debilitating condition, which affects approximately 17 million people worldwide.

World Cerebral Palsy Day is dedicated to helping individuals with this condition get their voices and ideas heard around the globe. A website was established for this day in order for people affected by cerebral palsy to discuss how their lives could be made easier.

Cerebral palsy is a chronic disability that affects an individual’s ability to move. This condition can also affect speech and vision. This disability can develop as a result of a birth injury in an infant.

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Clinical trial established for cerebral palsy treatment

Researchers at Duke University have established a clinical trial in order to help treat cerebral palsy in young children.

Currently, there is no cure for cerebral palsy, which is a disorder that can develop at birth due to medical malpractice. If a child is deprived of oxygen during birth, his or her brain may suffer from damage, potentially leading to brain and nervous system issues resulting in physical and mental disabilities.

The clinical trial is looking at using a child’s own cord blood as a solution to help treat the symptoms of spastic cerebral palsy. Children between the ages of 1 and 6 are able to participate in the trial if they have a supply of their own cord blood. The blood is injected intravenously, and there is no chance of rejection due to it being the child’s own blood.

The doctors conducting this trial are hopeful that this method could improve the debilitating complications that develop in children with cerebral palsy. If the trial proves to be a success, then the doctors have stated their plans to move forward with using the cord blood to prevent the chronic condition altogether.

Cerebral palsy can affect children’s diets

Children suffering from cerebral palsy may need adjusted diets in order to cope with the physical constraints of chewing and swallowing.

Cerebral palsy greatly affects the coordination of muscles and movement in an individual. Thus, children with this disorder may be malnourished due to the physical strain that is associated with eating a  meal.

It is important to focus on feeding children with cerebral palsy healthy, non-processed foods that have a high calorie count. The high calorie count is necessary due to the fact that these children may not eat as often as they should because of the discomfort. Foods such as avocados, bananas, and kale aid are nutritious, beneficial components of anyone’s diet, but they may be especially helpful for cerebral palsy patients as they are nutrient-rich and easy to eat.

Cerebral palsy is sometimes a preventable condition. If your child suffers from cerebral palsy due to a medical error, please contact the cerebral palsy lawyers of the Driscoll Firm, P.C., by calling 800-305-9800 today.

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